Drake’s End

Today started off as a bit colder than yesterday as we got closer to the Antarctic continent. The Southern Ocean is also now covered with a thick blanket of fog which makes it harder to see. We had a series of interesting lectures today on Ernest Shackelton’s adventures to Antarctica and also on Penguins – I learned a lot about both.

Among the things that I learned was that on Shackelton’s Endurance voyage, the woodworker, Chippy, brought his cat, which they named Mrs. Chippy. I wonder how she got along with all the dogs that they had. I also learned that it took Shackelton 4 attempts and slightly over 4 months to return to get the rest of his crew (22 men) on Elephant Island where they were living under two overturned lifeboats.

I saw my first penguins today after lunch. There are packs of them that swim beside the ship. They are amazing how fast they are and how graceful in the water.



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